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Brainstorming for Project 5

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For about 10-15 minutes, take a close look at the article/text you brought to class today from your annotated bibliography.  What kind of hints does this text give you about what to do for your final project?  Look at:


1) the medium it uses to communicate--would you want to use this same medium in your project?

2) the issue/content it discusses--is this a topic you would want to take up in your project?

3) the style of the writing--how will you be able to conform to your field's style (what will you do)?


Once you've gotten a chance to analyze it, take a separate sheet of paper (you won't turn this in) and brainstorm a list of possible ideas for your final project.  Try different combinations of medium and content.  Choose one or two you might like to share with a peer, and later, with the class.


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