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Important Documents

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English 207 (001) (MWF 8:30-9:20, 115 East Hall)



Course Summary



English 207 is meant to serve as a writing-intensive course which builds on skills learned in English 112 to help you communicate more effectively as a scholar and citizen.  Similar to 112 in its focus on writing, the projects in 207 help you to see that writing is a process, rather than something taht can be quickly dashed off a couple of hourse before it is due.  Each project will emphasize the recursive nature of writing, which will help you to see that the different aspects of the process (revision, prewriting, drafting) occur in any order, and are not defined by a specific step-by-step method.  Time will also be reserved for writing workshops, as writing is not created in a vacuum:  it is a social experience, and a writer needs peer and teacher feedback to revise and succeed.


This semester, the course is focused on analyzing discourse communities.  As we will discuss in class, “discourse” does not just refer to characteristic language, but also how that language is used in context.  This kind of analysis can give you insight on the values and history of that particular community.  Your main project this semester will be to analyze the discourse of your chosen career field, and go on to enter that discourse as a participant, producing a scholarly work that will contribute to that community.  It sounds big, I know; hopefully as we go on this semester you’ll get a better idea of what this project entails and how to go about creating it.



Course Documents


AR_207.doc (achievement requirements)


Syll1_207.doc (syllabus, weeks 1-4)


Syll2_207.doc (syllabus, weeks 5-8)


Syll3_207.doc (syllabus, weeks 9-12)


Syll4_207.doc (syllabus, weeks 13-16 and finals)














Presentation of 5.doc

















Project Presentation Rubric.doc 


Rubric_finalport.doc  (NEW)


Other Stuff


Rules for writing Wikipedia entries.doc


GTannbib.doc (one example of an annotated bibliography)


APannbib.doc (another example of an annotated bibliography)


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