Peer Workshop Essay 4

Instructions for today's class:


In a group of 2-3, develop your own rubric for evaluating Essay #4.  You can look back at our discussions on Wikipedia, or refer to the assignment sheet, to get ideas for what to include.  Handwrite or print a hard copy of this rubric to hand in later.


In your group, let each other take turns reading their essay aloud, with the other group members listening.  Once the author is finished reading, the discussion can begin with questions, suggestions, and feedback to improve the draft.  Also refer to Wikipedia if necessary.


Once the entire group is finished, post a blog on the feedback you recieved on your draft, and how that helps you in your plans for revision.


You'll be turning in two things today:


(1) a hard copy of your group's rubric (one copy per group)


(2) a blog about the feedback you recieved